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Presenter's Music Activity

Overseas Media

Presenter Music has ever been broadcast in the following radio stations' programmes since February 2004 to the present.

Canada- CIUT-FM Toronto、CBC/Radio Canada
USA - Beethoven Radio、KZSC Radio 、KAOS Radio, KMST 88.5, KMNR 89.7, KEOS 89.1FM、WSUM、WOI Radio, etc.
Austria - "Livestream" 107,3 Radio Stephansdom
Russia - Avtoradio, Radio 101
Poland - Academic Radio ZAK
England - PURE Radio-FM, BBC Lancashire
Scotland - Radio Six International
Sweden - HIT FM, and so on.

The number of Radio Stations that broadcast Presenter's Music keep increasing.

Comments of Overseas Media on Presenter's Music.

Radio Toronto-FM(Canada)- It would be a pleasure to share Presenter’s music with our listeners here at CIUT-FM Toronto.
Presenter's music is quite an impressive performance. It is truly my pleasure to allow listeners
to discover Presenter Sound.

PURE Radio (Englad)  -  Fantastic!Presenter is genius!

KCRW (USA)  -  Presenter's music is charming and he has great technique.

Beethoven Radio (USA)  -  Wonderful! It will be a nice occasional “departure” from our traditional classical programming.

Radio PSR (Germany)  -  Marvellous!

Avtoradio (Radio 101)(Russia)  -  Beautiful! The music performed is really wonderful and breath-taking!

Radio ZAK (Poland)  -  Unique! Interesting!

Radio Six International (Scotland)  -  The music is excellent and most enjoyable!

Presenter on IRN - Internet Resources Newsletter in June, 2003

Media in Japan

1. The article and photos of Presenter were published in Friday's newspaper. in Asahi Newspaper
in June, 2002 (Profile, Photo, etc.)

2. Presenter, Vol. 2 appeared in CD Journal in February, 2002.

3. Presenter, Vol. 3 appeared in "CD Journal" in August, 2003.

4. Presenter, Vol. 1 appeared in "Shukan Bunshun" (Weekly Magazine) in June, 2001.


You can download Presenter Music on the following digital distribution companies' website.

Apple iTune Store, Amazon Music, 7 digital, EMusic, GreatIndiMusic, MediaNet, Rhapsody, Napster, Liquid Digital Media, MediaNet, MySpace Music

Spotify, Nokia, Shockhound, Deezer, ThumbPlay, Tradebid, Verizon, Zune, etc.


Concert Activity

There taken place Presenter's concert in various places, such as Mitsukoshi, Takashimaya
Hotel New Otani(Atrium Chapel - Otani Garden Cout), etc.

Presenter will start his concert activity in New York in the near future.

Presenter will also perform in Europe and Asia.

Presenter CD Album

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Presenter, Vol. 2 / Vol. 3 / Vol. 4 / Vol. 5 / Vol. 7(Revision of Vol. 6)

Screen Music Best Selections, Screen Music, Pops, and Bossa Nova

Presenter Best Selections I, Presenter Best Selections II

Presenter Sound Special

Presenter, Best of VIVALDI

Presenter, Best of HANDEL

Presenter, Best of MOZART

   Presenter Music on Youtube - Presenter's all tracks will be uploaded sequentially.


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